Did you know that there is a hidden part of your Mind that most never learn nothing about? Did you know this part is responsible for most of your failures an…
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  1. Mia a

    ok so what do you do to take control of your subconscious mind and to feed
    it the information you want?

  2. TheGetoNinja

    t is the music at the start of the vid its beautiful n great vid really
    helpfull in many ways :) peace n luv

  3. Michael Nasella

    Great class! I’ve watched it at least 10 times. Thank you brother. Wadu!

  4. DrNeb Heru

    Awww wow your truly welcome! The Science of Nunology is real! If People
    listen they will get results they looking for! I am soooo happy for you! :)

  5. TheNala777

    just wanna let u know that the Klamath Blue Green Algae is off the
    hook….thanks for your advice… one month of use it has changed my
    sleep, dreams, meditation and life in general…intuition n psychic
    channels opening and i feel my brain n pineal gland literally
    buzzing….massive vibrations……thanx…..also juicing homegrown
    wheatgrass n takin moringa n kelp powders but i felt the changes when i
    added the blue green algae to the mix….oh n yes…i know what u sayin,,lol

  6. DrNeb Heru

    It’s all about transparency!! :)

  7. YAshua Ology

    I love the raw video aspect of your teaching…. live n direct no time for
    editing .Peace neb

  8. DrNeb Heru

    Thanks family! No Problem!

  9. gettowaydriver

    This is why children who don’t have a developed critical faculty accept the
    suggestion of Santa Clause as absolute reality. Religion is the same…when
    raised as a Christian, Muslim, Mormon you have accepted it without critical
    factor and is excepted as truth and becomes a belief.

  10. gettowaydriver

    Imagine a belief and a flower and what sustains that belief is past
    experiences, memories and information it uses to reference and support that
    belief. Until new information is allowed to pass through the critical mind
    and into the the SubC, the belief will remain the same. If you can bypass
    the critical mind using the language of the SubC it

  11. gettowaydriver

    You don’t realize your being programmed constantly by bypassing the
    critical mind. They do this by using the language of the Subcon….the Sub
    Con mind understands symbols and is creative and imaginative. It has no
    limits on what it believes and excepts….And as you said once those
    suggestions are excepted into the Sub Con you have the Ali’s, Jordan’s,

  12. gettowaydriver

    Nice explanation….I would add that the line between the Con and Sub Con
    is the critical mind…the part of the mind that evaluates the information
    being taken in and compares to past experiences before allowing to be
    imprinted on the Sub Con

  13. macmizle

    thanks for the life living bring overstanding brother im
    glad to here from you…i want one of them pyramids

  14. 1daypowerfulprayry

    Ok brother I just got your message audio book will be powerful some people
    have a problem with reading… Or if a person exercise they just can listen
    to it Real Talk have a blessed week

  15. ponkvrij

    Dr Neb is back! :)

  16. Nuwaupu999

    VERY powerful information !! thank you for this Bro Heru, you are teaching
    and we are learning AND applying this into our lives or existence :)

  17. DrNeb Heru

    Oh wow that would be powerful fam! I will let you know. Thanks for your
    Support! :)

  18. MrPackattack1

    Let my wife watch this and she enjoyed it

  19. DrNeb Heru

    Oh wow thanks for the in put and you right! That board do be slowing me
    down!! Hahaha :0

  20. TheNala777

    thanks bro …great info…only want to suggest you stop writing on the
    board as it stops your natural flow and is sooo unneccesary….especially
    when ur writing words…illustrations i understand drawing but quit writing
    words as your speaking bro…it slows youdown and the info your
    delivering….you know a lot soo just keep it flowing…people listening
    can take their own notes but you writing on the board really doesnt
    help…..hope that wasnt negative sounding as im just offering my opinion

  21. TheNala777

    love the info and your mind state and very thankful but that board isnt
    helping anyone

  22. 1daypowerfulprayry

    Okay my friend will use soon have this on audio book now that will be
    powerful just let me know thanks

  23. DrNeb Heru

    Aww wow great! Peace and Blessing to the both of you!

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